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Math-Language Arts-Science-Social Studies-Electives

IMEZ-Academy’s online middle school curriculum aims to further develop what students learned in elementary school and teach more advanced concepts with the goal of preparing students for high school level courses.

Our comprehensive math, language arts, science, and social studies curriculum correlates to state standards. 

Middle School Math Curriculum

During the middle school years, students will delve into more advanced concepts on topics like number sense and operations, geometry and spatial sense, data analysis, measurement, probability, and more. Learn more about IMEZ-Academy’s online middle school math curriculum for each grade level using the links below.

Middle School Language Arts Curriculum

During middle school, students continue to focus on building a number of important literacy skills including fluency, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing. In addition, students will gain advanced skills in literary analysis, critical thinking, sentence structure and more. Click the links below to learn more about IMEZ-Academy’s middle school curriculum for language arts.

Middle School Social Studies Curriculum

The middle school social studies curriculum covers a wide range of topics and concepts. Students can expect to learn about ancient civilizations, different cultures, geography, government and politics, U.S. and world history, and more. Below is a list of IMEZ-Academy’s middle school curriculum course options for social studies.

​Middle School Science Curriculum

Middle school science is typically divided into courses that focus on different sciences. IMEZ-Academy’s online middle school curriculum for science covers topics like Earth’s structure, the geologic process, genetics, chemical formulas, and more. Courses also include engaging virtual labs to help students apply learned concepts. Below is a list of IMEZ-Academy’s science online classes for middle school students.

Middle School Electives

IMEZ-Academy offers five electives for middle school students. These courses can help enhance your child’s other subjects and also give them the opportunity to learn more about a topic they are curious about. Below is a list of IMEZ-Academy’s middle school elective courses.

MS Computer Science

Lifetime Fitness

Environmental Science

Online Learning and Digital Citizenship

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