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Islamic Subjects
(Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies)

Quran and Arabic for Beginners

Starting with the Basics & Learning the Arabic Letters

Al Qaeda Al Noorania & Nour Al Bayan

Quran for Readers

Memorization, Tajweed, Quranic Vocabulary & Tafseer

Arabic For Readers

Reading, Writing, Expression, Dictation, Fiqh, Prophets Stories, Hadeeth, Lives of Companions, and Tawheed

Islamic Studies

Aqeedah (Belief), Fiqh (Rulings), Seerah (Prophetic Biography), Islamic History, & Manners



Math - Language Arts - Science - Social Studies

Middle School

Math - Language Arts - Science - Social Studies


Math - Language Arts - Science - Social Studies/History

We use time4learing platform for the academics self-paced curriculum

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