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Why work with Islam Made EZ Academy?

  • Everything in this world is cursed except the remembrance of Allah and a person who teaches the knowledge of Allah and a person who learns the knowledge of Allah

  • Every creature in the heaven and the earth seeks forgiveness for the one who teaches people about the religion of Allah including the ants in the land, the fishes in the sea, and the angels in the heavens

  • To be in an Islamic environment and surround me with reminders of Allah.

  • Minimum prep time

  • An administration that cares about you

  • To have good company—role models to learn from.

  • To establish something for me after I have passed away.

  • To practice my Islam without compromising anything.

  • Use the talents that Allah has given me to benefit community and others.

  • To please Allah by establishing the word of Allah.

  • To protect me from being distracted or pulled by things that displease Allah.

  • To safeguard my religion in this time of fitnah.

  • Sadaqah Jariyah

  • Excuse in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment

  • A reason for the victory of Islam.

  • The sweetness of doing the work of the Prophet .

  • Fulfilling our purpose in life.

  • To gain Allah’s Mercy (O Allah, we tried our best).

  • Islamic working environment

  • Paid holidays that match the Islamic calendar (i.e. both Eids)

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