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Our Board Of Directors

man with a beard
Br. Mahmoud Fakhry

Br. Mahmoud Fakhray, serves as the Treasurer of our school. a distinguished member of our team who brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences. With a deep commitment to learning, he has studied under renowned local scholars, enriching his understanding of Islamic teachings.

Br. Mahmoud has been actively involved in teaching classes and delivering sermons (Khutbah) at various Masjids in Union County. Through his engaging teaching style and insightful sermons, he inspires and educates the community.

In addition to his contributions in the religious domain, Br. Mahmoud is a successful real estate agent and entrepreneur. His expertise in the real estate industry showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

brown skin man with a beard
Br. Khalil Adam

Br Khalil khalifa Adem, serves as Chairperson/President. After receiving his Bachelors in Nursing, he studied Qur’an & the Islamic Sciences in Cairo, Egypt. As a student of knowledge, he has sat with many scholars. Br Khalil served as the principal of the Islamic weekend school and youth coordinator at Al-Tawheed Islamic center. He was later nominated and served as the vice chairman of the board of directors. Br. Khalil was also one of the founders of BBNJ, a local charity organization dedicated to feed the hungry.

He currently serves as an Imam for the Islamic Society of North Jersey Budd Lake and Flanders as well as an Administrative and supervisor at Hackensack University Medical Center and is a regular khateeb & lecturer in the Hudson County area.

brown and with a big beard
Br. Faheem Mohammed 

Br. Faheem Mohammed serves as a secretary on the school's board. 

Br. Faheem's dedication to serving the Deen is commendable. As a student of knowledge, he has studied under various local scholars in New Jersey and Jacksonville, Florida, deepening his understanding of Islam. 

Furthermore, Br. Faheem has been actively involved in numerous Dawah projects, demonstrating his passion for spreading the message of Islam and engaging with the wider community.

As an IT professional and entrepreneur running his own IT company, Br. Faheem brings his technological expertise to the school. His knowledge and skills in IT enable him to contribute to the advancement of our institution through efficient technology implementation and management.

Our Principal

head covering
Br. Karim Mahmoud


  • Studied Arabic in Egypt

  • Bachelor's in Islamic Studies from Mishkah University

  • Ijazah in Fiqh from Madinah, Saudi Arabia

  • Ijazah in Alqadah Al Noraniah from Al Furqan Academy in Madinah, Saudi Arabia


  • Principal/Teacher at Tawheed Islamic Center

  • Arabic Teacher for adults at Tawheed Islamic Center

  • Islamic Studies Teacher at Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah

  • Instructor for Mishkah University high school program

  • Principal/Teacher at Masjid Bilal

  • Arabic/Quran/Islamic Studies Teacher at Miftaahul Uloom Academy

  • Islamic Studies Teacher at Islamic Learning Center of Jersey City

  • Speaker at Badr School

  • Dawah Coordinator at Building Blocks

  • Imam of Islamic Learning Center of Jersey City

  • Why Islam? Call Associate

  • Religious Affairs Board member at Tawheed Islamic Center

  • Board of Directors member at Tawheed Islamic Center

Our Teachers

Br. Mahbubur Rahman
guy with a thick beard


Islamic Studies, Quran & Arabic


  • Master of Arts in Islamic Text

  • Master of Arts in Islamic Education: Theory and Practice

  • Bachelor of Sharia in Sharia Studies


  • Islamic Studies and Arabic Tutor at Fawakih, Hafs Academy

  • Chaplain (Imam)

  • TV Presenter and Judge at Eman Channel, TV One

  • Sharia Auditor at Halal Food Authority

a guy with a white thobe with a beard
Br. Sayed Hashimi


Hifz (Quran Memorization)


  • Bachelor's in Economics

  • Completed Quran memorization with Sahih Ijazah, Jazariyah, Tufah, Shatbiyah, and other Mutoon of Tajweed and qira'at.

  • Completed Tafseer Al Quran with Sheikh Abdul Salaam Abid.

  • Completed classes on books such as Mishkat Al Masabih, Bukhari, "Shurut As-Salah," "Quduri," "Khalasat Al-Masail," and "Kanz Al-Daqaiq."and others.

  • Completed Explanation of "Al-Ajrumiyyah" in the Arabic language.


  • Quran Teacher at Masjid Fatima Al Kandari

  • Quran Teacher for Hifz, Fiqh classes for Adults, and Islamic Studies Classes at Darul Islam

  • Conducted classes on the 10 Hadith of An-Nawawi at Darul Islam

  • Quran Teacher at Masjid Mubarak

a brown man with small beard
Br. Adebis Olaide


Hifz (Quran Memorization)


  • Masters of Arts in Public Relations

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language

  • Completion of memorization of the Quran at Al Qurraa Arabic School

  • Academy for the Knowledge of Inheritance and Estate Distribution


  • Teaching Quran memorization at Al Qurraa Arabic School

  • Quran teacher at Markazud Da'wah

  • Director at Markazud Da'wah

  • Supervisor at AL Amaanah Arabic School

an imam
Br. Yusuf Zabady


Arabic & Quran


  • Completed the memorization of the Quran at the age of 10.

  • International Management degree from the International University of Applied Sciences.

  • International Management degree from Medipol University.


  • Taught Quran and Arabic in various masjids and private groups.

a girl with a long pink niqab
Sr. Haleema Sha


Islamic Studies and Beginners (Quran & Arabic)


  • TESOL/TEFL Certificate

  • Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature

  • Master's Degree in English Language and Literature

  • Islamic Studies Curriculum Training

  • Al-Qaadah Al-Noraniah Training


  • English Language Tutor

  • Content Writer

girl in niqab
Sr. Irada Ronalder


Islamic Studies & Academics


  • Master of Arts: English Literature

  • Bachelor of Arts: English Writing & Literature


  • Islamic Studies Curriculum Training

  • Book Editor & Writing Coach

  • Elementary, Middle, and High School Tutor

  • Substitute Teacher at the School District of Hillsborough County

girl with a big pink niqab
Sr. Brittney Williams


Islamic Studies and Beginners (Quran & Arabic)


  • Studied at the Islamic Online University

  • Completed courses at the ICNA National Dawah Academy

  • Al-Qaadah Al-Noraniah Training

  • Islamic Studies Curriculum Training


  • Special Education Teacher at Christiana High School

girl with a niqab
Sr. Nayab Hussain


Islamic Studies, Quran & Arabic


  • Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies (BAIS)

  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

  • A-Levels Grades A - B in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology

  • Teaching Assistant Diploma

  • Course in Safeguarding Children

  • Diploma in Project Management


  • Education Administrator

  • Academic Learning Coach

  • Islamic Studies, Qur'an and Arabic Teacher

  • Madrasah Teacher

  • Tutoring STEM and GCSE

  • Teacher Assistant

a girl with a nice hijab
Sr. Shahida Jabar


Islamic Studies, Quran & Arabic


  • Bachelor of Islamic Arts

  • Health Care Office Manager Certification

  • Took classes on kitabs such as Mishkat ul Masabeeh, Bukhari, Thirmidhi, Abu Dawoud 

  • Completed Al Qaida Al Nuraniya with Quba Institute 


  • Islamic Studies, Quran, and Arabic Teacher at the Islamic Association of Arabia

  • Conducted Islamic seminars at Ammatur Rahman 

  • Academics and Education Assistant at Iman Academy SouthEast Houston 

  • Quran teacher at Quba Institute 

a girl with dark brown hijab
Sr. Naela Patel




  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Minor in Global Studies & Philosophy

  • Associate of Science in Psychology


  • Program Facilitator

  • Student Assistant

  • STEM Ambassador

  • Student Research Assistant

girl with big hijab
Sr Asmaa Abdul Hamid


Islamic Studies, Quran & Arabic


  • Digital Transformation/Design Thinking from Imperial College Business School

  • Innovation and Creativity from Harvard Business School Executive Education


  • Customer Success Specialist

  • Quran Teacher with multiple Ijazahs in Quran memorization

  • Quran and Tafseer Teacher since 2008

  • Founder and Teacher at Study Quran Academy

  • Social Media Executive

  • Web Content Developer

a girl with a dark blue hijab
Sr. Soha Shaker


Islamic Studies and Beginners (Quran and Arabic)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from Brooklyn College

  • BBA in Finance


  • Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Quran Reading Teacher at Masjid Abubakr Al-Seddiq

  • Assistant Teacher at Ovington Summer Academy

a girl with a long niqab
Sr. Aymaan Hussain


Islamic Studies, Quran, Arabic, Academics & Hifz (Quran Memorization)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies (BAIS)

  • Tajweed Diploma

  • Ijaza in Tuhfatul Atfaal

  • Ijaza in Sahih Bukhari

  • Teaching Assistant Diploma

  • Certification in Safeguarding Children

  • Certification in Digital Marketing with Google

  • Course in HR Management

  • Course in Communication within Teams

  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)


  • Deputy Head Teacher

  • Islamic Studies, Qur'an, and Arabic Teacher

  • Associate Editor

  • Education Administrator

  • Private Madrasah Teacher

  • Assistant Teacher

  • Copywriter

  • GCSE Tutoring

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